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Grant projects


Grant Amount: $143,694 

Grant Period: September 2022–November 2023 

Country: Tajikistan 


To empower women and youth in rural areas of central and southwestern Tajikistan in effective management of water resources in the Kofarnigan River Basin (Amu Darya River, Tajikistan).


  • To assess the local context in the Kofarnigan River Basin of Amu Darya, Tajikistan, to identify impediments and obstacles preventing women and youth from having a more active role in water resource management. 

  • To update capacity building with women, youth and marginalized communities using the assessment results to improve skills and knowledge among these groups in regard to water resource management. 

  • To establish and accelerate Women's Forum of Kofarnigan River Basin (WFKRB) to activate the role and voice of women and youth in the region on water resource management. 

  • To promote knowledge and experience sharing between two women's fora—in the Amu Darya and Syr Darya River basins and to raise awareness among the local community, local stakeholders, educational institutions via informational sessions, and media deliverables. 

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