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Second Regional robust desision support workshop on the Amu Darya Basin

Objectives of the Regional Robust Decision Support (RDS) workshop on the Amu Darya basin:

  • To present an updated concept and approach to the RDS process based on comments received during the first Regional Workshop

  • To demonstrate preliminary results of modeling Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem security of the Amu Darya River basin

  • To share preliminary results of the case study on the Tuyamuyun reservoir

  • To discuss scenarios that go beyond the usual scenario

  • To examine the difference between a sectoral planning approach (through the use of the WEAP water model only) and intersectoral planning (through the use of the WEAP-LEAP-Macro set of models)

  • To discuss further development of WEAP-LEAP-Macro models with a focus on potential overall benefits for the Amu Darya basin

Expected results: coordination of scenarios for the further integrated model development

Participants: USAID Missions representatives, Stockholm Environment Institute, regional stakeholders related to water, (hydro)energy, agriculture, environmental protection, and foreign affairs.

Date: 25.09.2023

Location: Khiva, Uzbekistan


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