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the USAID Central Asia’s Regional Water and Vulnerable Environment Activity

Training of trainers on “Water Diplomacy and International Water Law”

This training on “Water Diplomacy and International Water Law” is organized under the USAID Regional Water and Environment Project, and Blue Peace Central Asia Initiative (BPCA) funded by Switzerland. The International Secretariat for Water (Canada) is a partner of the event.

The USAID Regional Water and Environment Activity under Component 1 on Capacity Building and Education initiated the development of a full-fledged course “Water Diplomacy and International Water Law” for undergraduate/graduate students CA universities. The course involves 15 hours of theory and 30 hours of seminars and is assessed for 5 credits. The course content was developed in cooperation with members of the Network of Academic Societies (NAS).

The purpose of the training of trainers (teachers) (ToT) on the course “Water Diplomacy and International Water Law” is to prepare a cohort of trainers who will introduce this course into the educational process in CA countries, which will contribute to the training of water diplomats and practitioners engaged in the promotion of regional water cooperation in CA countries. 

The objectives of the training are: 

1. Provide teachers with conceptual frameworks that enable them to understand the political dimensions of water and the dynamics of cooperation; 

2. Provide teachers with practical tools related to the management of water disputes and mediation; 3. Provide teachers with the main international legal frameworks related to water resources management; 

4. Obtain faculty comments and feedback on the course for finalization of the syllabus and training itself in order to adjust it if necessary for future ToTs; 

5. Provide a package of teaching materials and syllabus to support faculty in teaching the course

Date: 20-23.11.2023

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

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