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the USAID Central Asia’s Regional Water and Vulnerable Environment Activity

National celebration of Amu Darya River Day in Uzbekistan

The event as organized by the USAID Regional Water and Vulnerable Environment Activityin cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Participants:
1. Representatives of the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan including Basin Administrations of Irrigation Systems on the Amu Darya River;
2. Members of the National Intersectoral Committee established under the Activity;
3. Representatives of academic and research institutions participating in the implementation of the activities on modeling and scientific and educational cooperation;
4. Members of the Small Basin Council for the Uzbek part of the Padshaata River;
5. Representatives of the khokimiyat (administration) of the Muynak region, including departments of public education;
6. Winners of competitions in drawing and writing essays;

During the national event, an exhibition of drawings and essays by participants of the competitions will be organized and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Date: 25.04.2023

Location: Nukus, Uzbekistan


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