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on the use of water, land and energy resources,
as well as the environment of Central Asia

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Selected practice: Increasing water supply of Aksa-Ayuliye District

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Land reclamation via vertical drainage wells

Казахстан, Южно-Казахстанская, Мактааральский

Watering of vegetable crops based on the method of mist sprinkling irrigation

Казахстан, Алматинская, Карасайский

Water-charging irrigation for rangelands used for growing forage crops

Казахстан, Жамбылская, Таласский

Improving water distribution in water user association/s (WUA)

Казахстан, Южно-Казахстанская, Мактааральский

Irrigation of pastures and hayfield meadows using Simulta-neous Impulse Sprinkling Kit (KSID-10S)

Казахстан, Жамбылская

Using drip irrigation systems in combination with soil mulching with polyethylene film

Казахстан, Алматинская, Алакольский
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